Standard Loft Beds

Ladder Loft Beds

Standard loft beds are the most versatile and ultimate space saver beds. When you the bed is raised up off the ground it creates usable floor space in your child’s room – perfect for storage, study or play. Lofts are perfect for smaller rooms, and summer homes to preserve valuable floor space. And best of all, you can customize your standard loft bed and change it over time!

Choose a color, bed end style, and size. Loft beds are available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, and Queen. Choose from a low loft bed, medium loft bed, high loft bed, or ultra-high loft bed. Add a ladder, slide, staircase, storage, trundle, desk, dresser, or create a playhouse.

Looking for a different standard loft bed?

If you can’t find a loft bed that you are looking for, please call KidzBedz at (847) 259-5200. We have hundreds of configurations available in several different styles, colors, and sizes. Ladders, stairs, sliders, storage, shelves, or a desk can be added to any standard loft bed.

All of our loft beds are the ultimate space saver! By raising a bed off the ground, you create usable floor space in your child’s room – perfect for play, study or storage. Loft beds with storage underneath maximize space in small rooms. You can customize your loft and change it over time! As your child grows, so can their bed.

Our beds are available in espresso, chestnut, blue, grey, natural and white. Choose a bed size from Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, or Queen. We offer 3 different types of headboards – panel, slat or curve.

Want to accessorize your bed? No problem. Dress your loft bed into a playhouse with one of our beautiful canopies...perfect for your prince or princess.

KidzBedz is located at 1141 E. Rand Road in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Visit our showroom with over 100 beds on display!

12 Month Special Financing Available.  I  5-Year Warranty.