Slide & Staircase Loft Bed

$2,200.00 $1,899.99

Twin Slide & Staircase Mid Loft Bed with Curtains (Chestnut)

Colors: Natural, White, Chestnut

Weight: 800 lbs. Each Bed

Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL & Queen

Dimensions: L: 100.75″ x D: 94.5″ x H: 61.5″

Wood: Solid Hardwood

Product: M-AERIE29 CS

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Our popular Slide & Staircase Loft Bed with colorful curtains create a safe, functional space for both sleep and play. Staircase makes it easy for younger children to climb and steps double as storage drawers, while slide adds pure fun! Only 61.5″ high, its ideal for small rooms and little ones.

Kids love sleeping up high, parents think safety first. The twin size junior loft bed with a staircase that works for both. Colorful curtains under the bed and slide add tons of indoor fun!

Hand sewn, 100% cotton curtains are pre-washed and super durable. Velcro strip attachment makes them easy to change or remove without damaging the wood.

Curtains turn floor space underneath into your child’s very own fort – perfect for play, but also still functional (add matching dressers or bookshelves).

Stairs are a safe way for kids to climb up top and comfortable for parents as well. Each step has a deep drawer, providing built-in storage for clothes and toys.

Only 61.5” high, it’s a suitable loft bed for rooms with low ceilings (8 feet and lower) and smaller spaces.


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